Corporate - Training

SQUAD's Corporate Training Division focuses on company's needs so that they fulfil their business goals.Based on the gaps identified, the training solution is created.

Student - Training

SQUAD’s Unique Feature is Experiential Learning, a process through which, one develop Knowledge, Skills, and Values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting.

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Hiring a Skilled Professional say Software Tester, Software developer as per the requirements of the client company, SQUAD provides the service very efficiently.

College Connect

SQUAD Training @ Campus is an initiative that is aimed to make students not only learn the content but also develop the habit of internalizing it with positive & constructive mindset.


SQUAD has been a pioneer in developing and offering short duration Management Development Programmes (MDPs). We have given services to Colleges, Companies, Banks.


“The Main aim of GEMS is to promote latest trends of IT Industry among the mankind, to engage them with innovation and to make nation employable”.


SQUAD has been bringing smiles to thousands of faces.
We are always excited when students, parents, educators, and administrators share their successes with us.