Corporate Training

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Corporate Training and Enterprise Training Available For:

  • Advanced technologies like Angular, Spring, MVC, ML/Selenium, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), NLP, etc./Cucumber
  • Management Development Programme (MDP))
  • Faculty Development Programme (FDP)
  • ISTQB Preparation
  • Soft Skills

We have a series of development programmes covering topics such as ISTQB Foundation, Quantum Time Management, how to be your own self-confidence coach, business communication, leadership, planning and organising skills, client relationship management, sales skills, etc.

Why should your company consider
corporate training now more than ever before?

Training is essential for the growth of every business, as it assuredly repays the company in the long run with better productivity and an improved retention level. SQUAD corporate training improves an employee’s interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership development, teamwork, time management, and conflict management to enable personality development. This positively impacts an employee’s professional and personal roles, which in turn influence his career growth and success.

How is SQUAD’s corporate training
different from peer training providers?

At SQUAD Infotech, training workshops are completely built around recent advancements in the industry and the growing demand for specific skills. At SQUAD, we strongly believe that the training needs of any organisation are unique, depending on the current state of its business and the nature of the industry. SQUAD’s team works very closely with you to comprehend your company’s unique business situation and create custom-made training solutions that will address your specific business requirements.

How does SQUAD’s corporate training
benefit your organisation?

Many companies realize that investment in corporate training can help them a long way in their journey as it provides significant benefits, some of which have been listed below :

  • Competitive edge by learning and adopting the most advanced industry technologies and frameworks
  • Increased organisational credibility due to industry-accredited training and certification
  • Increased organisational capability to cater to rapid growth in business by minimising the learning curve
  • Prevention of risk and cost incurred due to non-conformance or the use of outdated techniques
  • Significant savings in time and cost through upgraded employee skills and improved productivity
  • Enhanced organisational efficiency and employee productivity by adopting industry best practises. SQUAD makes a promise to deliver quality and sound training.
  • Improved employee retention and increased motivational levels are achieved by investing in individuals professional growth.

SQUAD is committed to high quality: At SQUAD, we are continuously keeping track of recent advancements in industry and academia to keep the course content updated with the most relevant and practicable information, tailoring it in accordance with the regular advice received from our clients and industry experts. This has enabled SQUAD to keep its training offerings relevant, useful, and of high quality as compared to peer training providers.

SQUAD is committed to the return on investment: through SQUAD's corporate training, your employees are empowered with knowledge and application skills that would allow them to easily integrate the latest industry technologies and best practise frameworks. SQUAD's trainers are industry experts practising in their relevant fields, and as per SQUAD's methodology, these trainers give high importance to experiential learning through real-life examples and case studies. Such practical learning is the most productive way to upskill and cross-skill your employees, as they are now equipped to take their training into day-to-day practise, and your organisation can start ripping benefits out of it.

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